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thanx dirk

Alaa's picture finally moved to it's new home.

many thanx to Dirk Slater for hosting us for free.

this should be my last task as an admin, handover is complete now.


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Thanks alaa.

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thanx Dirk,thanx

thanx to Dirk for the hosting ,thanx Alaa for *

Diaa Radwan

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Thank you!

Thank you! Thank you Mr. Dirk Slater. Your name will be in our memory forever.

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Many thanx

Thnx Dirk

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Thanks Alaa for your tremendous work to enhance eglug and thanks Dirk for hosting

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Let's not forget...

Thanks also to the Egyptian Football federation, and the fire department, and the police, and Hosni Mubarak.

Beginning to sound like an Egyptian football game in here...


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wann see worse ?

try to think even to get any java applecation or anything to ur cell phone.. and go to any arabic website u'll see..

user1: here is the latest cutest the best of the best wallpaper or Mid / amr song ! enjoy it and don't forget the thx user2: thxxxxxxxxxxxx user3: thx thx thx thx ..... user4 Thx 10000 times ..... userN Thx ur the best

and u'll find the thread going to like 8 pages !! and the worse is it's in arabic :-(


Live Free Or Die...

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