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Motorolla Modem, AGAIN

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I have contacted them, and they said it works fine!!!! But I have noticed that EGYPT is not listed in the list given when you initiate the command $ man sm56 How may I know this? And, could any one here make use of this driver given by motorolla for RH 9.0?


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contacted who ?

What do you mean that Egypt is not listed. What list ? And who did you contact Motorola dropped support for the modem even for Windows.

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using the Driver supplied by

using the Driver supplied by Motorola for RH 9.0, you can do $man sm56 then you shall see the list i talk about.

And yes I talked to Motorola, and they said it is fine.


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Peace! I am using kppp and


I am using kppp and I am trying to use it with the infamous sm56 motorola modem. In the list of available devices, I have /dev/modem and /dev/ttySx and some others. I would like to add to them /dev/sm56 how may I do this? I believe this is the last resort for this modem. I am using RH 9.0.


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ln -s /dev/sm56 /dev/modem

ln -s /dev/sm56 /dev/modem

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Ya Laziz Ya Raiyeq

Aih ya 3am El-sheiyakah we el-gamaal dah Kolloh?


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Modem unable to log ....

did you solve the problem ?

Best Regards !!

I used to be indecisive ... but now I'm not so sure

I installed the MDK 10 driver

I installed the MDK 10 driver from motrolla's, when I issue the command "modprobe sm56" I get a message saying that the module's format is invalid, any solutions?

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Same kernel version??

Make sure you're using the module intended for the very kernel that you are using NOW. It should be the exact version.

I think there's a module for the default 2.6.3-mdk7 kernel ?

never tried the motorola, but please tell us whether it works or not.

I think I know why the proble

I think I know why the problem happens with me now, My motorla modem is very old (I had it since in year 2000, when I bought my old computer), I moved the modem from my old computer to the new one and I downloaded the Win2k/XP driver version 06.05.00 and tried to install it, but the modem never worked, I tried version 06.02.00 (or something like that) and the modem worked. If you noticed, the Linux drivers are all of version 06.05.x which seem not to work with old motorola modems. It's not a driver problem that I had, it's a modem probem!!!!

Thanks anyway,

Egypt number 20

i tryed it with MDK10 and egypt listed with number 20

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So, SM56 works good ??

UnTouchAble, are you using the SM56 successfully ??

Is it a new or old one ??

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