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a suggestion!

slamo 3aliko, well, first i'd like to send u a very big "thank you" for ur efforts to offer help for people in using Linux. Second, i'd like to know more about ur activities Now, i'd like to introduce myself; i'm Hassan Shehawy; a student in Aerospace Engineering, Cairo Univerity i've heared about the event held in elsakia last september, actually i was so keen on attending, but, for sorror, i missed it. However, some friends attended, and said it was a gr8 one. Also, he said u r welcoming organising such events for the sake of distributing Linux, and the alternatives for many sofwares. actually, i've a suggestion, that i'd like to propose; what do u think of making something like a student-chapter in the univresity, or a society for using Linux, supervised by you, i've alot of idaes that may come to true if u show interest in the main idea. About the university and such routines, don't worry, i'm ready to struggle for that work, besides,2ana 2etklmt m3a nas fel gam3a fe r3ayet elshabab wekeda; they welcomed the idea Thanks for your time, Looking forward to hearing from you Hassan Shehawy :)

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a linux society, that's it :)

well, my suggestion is to establish a linux society in cairo university to help students know about linux and the issue of open source in general, then we can organize a lot of events in the university to spread the idea, and since u r in cairo university, i guess we may meet n talk out there, what do u think? here's my email: [email protected]

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There is Already..

There is Already a society in Cairo Uni to help students with Linux

called CUlug :D

So, where's it?

well, where's it? who is in charge of it? how can i participate? i've never heared about that society in the university

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cuLUG is inactive


activate it

so, this is the point; y not activating it?

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