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Candidates for Second Moderators Election

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here is the list of Senior Users who want to become moderators

  1. Marwa Youssef
  2. manal
  3. BooDy
  4. SoPpY_BoY
  5. DJ KING
  6. YoussefAssad
  7. Mohammed Ahmed

If u want to add your name to the list of candidates, please edit this page.

NOTE: You have to be a senior user or moderator or a ex-administrator to run


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An x-admin is supposed to

An x-admin is supposed to be a senior if I'm not mistaken.

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ex-admin can run anyway. and i think he/she should be senior i'm not sure.


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member classes are no

member classes are no mutually exclusive, they are actually subgroups

we have members, some members are also senior members, some senior members are also moderators, some moderators are also admins.

when you resign from an elected position you loose any elected positions you had but you're still senior.


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I'm Free

I'm Free This year and i will be honored to Be A Eglug Moderator and i'll be at Your Service

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Your reward

darkness_wolf hayedik bosa ya sidi


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BOSA ........ La ya 3am yefta7 alah :P

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Call for candidates

There's a few names I'd like to see added; if you read this, please consider helping the community by serving as moderator (and as moderator, you can help in the future by becoming administrator).

- NewComer - Mohammed Ahmed - bestofnay - alienbrain - linuxawy

Please consider adding your names. I've added mine; the community needs our efforts.


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Youssef i couldn't resist

Youssef i couldn't resist your request , :)

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Election in 3 days

we will do as the last administrator election, if this page didn't change for 3 days we will starting the voting via ranking module. peace

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