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Communications Protocols

Dears, I am working in the field of GSM networks. I have always dreamed about having some local product like an IN (intelligent network) or and HLR ..... (these are all essential GSM network elements).

The heart of these products is the communications protocol stack which is called SS7. My question is: How easy it is to implement a protocl that is standardized by ITU or ETSI or 3GPP...? By the way a similar opensource implementation is there at

If you can provide help, support and advise, I would like to hear it. thanks guys.

Search of Lib

Actually, I think you may search first as you may find someone has created a library for what you want already, so you can use it in your program. Other than that I have no idea about the Signalin System number 7 and how it can be implemented, however you may get the standard from somewhere, just google for it.

Green Data

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! ! ! ! !

Having local product of IN, HLR, FTAM, VoIP and so require a big company with numerous skilled developers. I share u the dream but man get into reality, there's no such mentality in Egypt.

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masr walada

you can find on Egypt companies developed the ss#7 ,v5 and sdh.

what can you do with ss7 only without having the other end to communicate with.if you have the ability to develop it,do you have the ability to sell it. of course you need huge work force to write the requirement and the design etc. you can't say there's no such mentality on Egypt.there more complex telco products developed or at least integrated here on Egypt.

FYI:there is a project to implement the wimax here on Egypt(non governmental).

Diaa Radwan

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Forward his CV ? Is it a

Forward his CV ? Is it a job beyond my knowledge ?

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I'd NEVER send my CV to a

I'd NEVER send my CV to a FLOSS project, No way.

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Maged, it's a nice idea

Maged, it's a nice idea but why asking for CV? I think you have to initiate a project page either here in EGLUG, on or on your own space and begin working on the project and people will join you.

Second point, you should specify a protocol, you can't begin saying we'll do SS7, HLR, IN, ... . Please choose one for the start, if it successed, go for the next.


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