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Stop the madness.

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MSameer leaving the admin team was a mistake. Now we are wasting time discussing how to assign a new admin instead of stabilizing the team.

Apperantly, the last proposed method was to do mod elections then elect one of the mods.

but the current situation is (as of 16:19 Friday 17/3/2006):

  • Alienbrain isn't running for the mod elections.
  • Actually, the mod elections are said to be false as it includes the old mods, while its purpose was adding new mods to the current mod team as opposed to relecting the whole mod team.

I realise that EGLUG is a democracy, that MSameer and alienbrain have the freedom to do whatever they want but I just wish all that ended soon and the community/admin/mod teams are in a more stable position.


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u can't imagine how much i'm depressed .... really i'm hiting into lots of walls in the dark. i hope this will end soon isa.. i hope we done mods elections, get one person " i hope will be active " into the admins team. and we start narkz more on foss as alaa said


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my understanding is we are

my understanding is we are electing a new mods team, which is why the old ones are running, the candidates page was up for a week or so if anyone had questions about procedures they could have asked then, it makes no sense at all to complain now.

IMO it's people being pigheaded that sucks.

now if only we could come up with some FOSS relevant content or do some FOSS relevant activities instead of this madness.


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