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eglug from the terminal

eglug from the terminal

أخيرا لقيت text based web browser بيدعم عربى

بالذمة مش عسل, بالذات مع mlterm شفاف والخلفية جامدة كمان , كنت هنسى ده w3m


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دكتور صحيح

دكتور صحيح :)

cheers, DJ KING aka Sameh Y. Sabry

Slacker on Debian

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أى خدمة, بس ابقو افتكرو الجمايل دى ;)

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Phaeronix material.

Really nice catch about arabic support n w3m.

I was able to render arabic in w3m and gnome-terminal + bicon

To fix bicon's problem with big terminals use the command "resize". If you don't have this command here's what it does :


Where X and Y are the size of your terminal.

This is going into next phaeronix :P

Thanks again.

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أنت نجدتنى

أنت نجدتنى بحكاية ال LINES أنا فعلا كنت عارف ال COLUMNS وأعدت أدور على حاجة مقابلة ليها بس ملقيتش ( أنا فكرت انها ممكن تكون ROWS )

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Can you make an Arabic in the terminal HOWTO? I'd really appreciate that...


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ok, that is it

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sounds cool

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