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My speakers

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My speakers give me a noisy sound even if I am not playing anything? that is my speakers (بتوشششش)and I dont know why? I have played a little with the volume control and could make it lower, but it is there and I think it stops when I play something. I use Fedora Core 2.


Seems to be ALSA

What's ur sound card? And which distro are you using?

Are you using the ALSA driver? Because it caused the same thing to happen with me on my Creative Vibra sound card (snd-es1371 module). I was using Mandrake 9.2 and I had to switch back to the OSS driver.

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The output of: lspci | gre

The output of:

lspci | grep Multimedia

BTW: vibra128 may have a cs chip thus use the cs4281 module. I have a vibra card with this chip.

that's why i'm asking for the lspci output Not the model written on the box!

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I will try this command Maham

I will try this command MahammadSamir, and tell you the output. But How may I change to OSS?


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As for the lspci, it said com

As for the lspci, it said commad not found! I use FedoraCore2, and I would like to know how may I change my sound server to OSS as you said.


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