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انتهاء فترة اختيار عضو جديد لفريق المديرين

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انتهت بالأمس الفتره المقترحه لكي يتم ترشيح أعضاء لشغل المنصب الشاغر لمدير من مديري الموقع و بوجود مرشح واحد فقط و هو alienbrain و انقضاء الفتره المقترحه فسيتم ترقية العضو alienbrain لينضم لفريق مديري الموقع بعد موافقة الأعضاء الحاليين لفريق المديرين و هم

Conceptor DarKnesS_WolF Phaeron


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Congratulation Alienbrain :)


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My Approval

I agree,


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welcome on board

welcome on board

Diaa Radwan

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mabrouk leek ya abou alien :P insh2allah testkel be 7okm EgLug :)

i was known AS D-N-A

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Phaeron Approval

i just phone phaeron and he is approving alienbrain. he is just busy with his medical duties. Congratulations Alienbrain and welcome aboard. and really lots of thanks to Mohamed Sameer (Msameer) For his support / maintaining Eglug website and server.


Live Free Or Die Trying... GPG Key ID:0x6FD809F4

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and I have spared a few

and I have spared a few minutes to voice my approval. Welcome aboard.

Thank you

Thank you guys. Glad I got accepted by the team.

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Congratulations alienbrain

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