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Key signing event, or something like that...

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Don't forget to bring your GNU/spirit.


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Anyday ? wla anta nawy 3la yom mo7adad :P?


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Neseet akteb el tareekh

Complain, do nothing, get your free Patagonian identity.

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Congratulations both of you.

Bad, I'll be in Hurghada searching for a mate ;-)

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مبروك و للأسف

مبروك و للأسف هكون مسافر برضه


husband of the Grand Waragi Master

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ايه ده غريبة!!

انتو الاتنين مسافرين؟؟ مع بعض يعني؟؟ So long and thanks for all the fish

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Alf Mabrouk

Alf Mabrouk ya Eman wi ya Ezabi..I'm very happy for u :-)

Unfortunately we wont be able to attend, coz we'll be in hurghada. Tet3awad ba2a ISA

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tet3awad ? ;-) WWW: The

tet3awad ? ;-)

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ya bayekh

I mean we can make another celebration afterwards..not another katb ketab ya semm

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she told me ya poison.

>> poison from your hand is poisonpoison :-)

Alf Mabrouk

Alf Mabrouk... for u and Eman and my best wishes for both of u in ur future life together ISA :) Miro

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أحم أحم،

أحم أحم، عقبالنا كلنا كده


husband of the Grand Waragi Master

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مش فاهم

قصدك إية واللا مييت يعنى؟


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أحم، أحم، و

أحم، أحم، و عقبالنا كلنا كده برضه


husband of the Grand Waragi Master

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ALF Mabroook ezabi ... :)


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Key Signing Party ?!

Prepare your GPG keys and finger prints :-p
Kiddin' ... Congratulations fella .. Might not be able to drop by though ... Congratulations once more anyway.

My Humble Website ?
Get my gpg key: gpg --recv-key --keyserver 4CFE7230
Key Fingerprint: C5A6 BE2B 594A F616 E3C2 9472 AC43 3D8D 4CFE 7230
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Alf Alf Mabrouk ....

MAbrouk we 3o2bal ay 7aga nefsak feeha, 7'ally 3alaa ye3mellak little EGLUG_Tux T-Shirts :P begad fere7telak, mabrouk ya 3ezabi :D

got Slack? get counted

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Congratulations folks.

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