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لقاء مع خالد حسونه

يوم الأربعاء القادم الموافق ١٩/٤/٢٠٠٦ الساعه السابعة مساءا ساقية عبد المنعم الصاوى بالزمالك


was that thing cancelled?

am pissed.. cause we were there at 18:40, asked around and no one of the sakia staff had any idea about it, we asked at the computers room, e-library or something, nothing.. they had no idea, the reception and everything.. we stayed there till 19:40 or so and no one showed up.. so what's the idea?? cause if u canceled it or rearranged the meeting u should've announced it here or something.. or at least tell the people there anything about the meeting place if it was held.. gahhh

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sakia were full

and + what alaa said, the sakia had concerts all over the place even river hall. so we had to meet out side el sakia and went to a cafe near el sakia. Report about the meeting will be online soon.


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the meeting did happen,

the meeting did happen, you missed them :-(

this should have been made clearer, sakia was used as a meeting public space, it wasn't a proper event organized and coordinated with sakia, (think of it as a meeting in a public park masalan).

I suggest next time people add clear information about where they intend to meet (ie in front of which door, how long they intend to wait in front of that door etc.), and maybe even provide a contact phone for the event.


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خالد حسونه

خالد حسونه مش خالد الحسينى

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