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One Laptop Per Child - repost

I wanted to thank everyone who made it (and who tried but couldn't make it) to the small gathering we had next to Saqyet El-Saw (ساقية الصاوي).

I was delighted to see the enthusiasm and interest in this initiative. I feel much more confident now about the the support that this initiative will get from the open source community in Egypt.

I wanted to provide you with some resources that you can use to know more about the project and start getting involved:

There is also a mailing list that I created, called [email protected] We could start using this list as a way to communicate. I know some of you raised concern about it being called egypt, so I'm working on creating an alias named [email protected] to encourage more arab speaking open-sourcers to participate.

Please feel free to send me any questions you have, but it would be great if you can post them to the mailing list, this way we can all discuss them together ;)

P.S. Apologies for reposting, I wanted to make sure the information is posted where everyone can see it. Seems like postings to the Misc forum don't show up on the main page.

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It still didn't show up on main page...

... and I bumped into this post by coincidence so is it possible that many people didn't even see it?

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Thx for pointing out ;-) i should write a report i promise this weekend ISA


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The olpc simulator RPMS

The olpc simulator RPMS and SRPMS are available for Fedora.

Anyone interrested in cooperating with me to create Debian packages for them ?

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I know this is comment spam, but I think it is a genuine work of art. Let's keep it (at least this one).


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I will not remove this

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It is very nice

It is very nice information and it would be great if you can post them to the mailing list, this way we can all discuss them together.

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