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What to appear all of first? CCNA, RHCE or Sun Solaris?

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which certification i should appear all of first because i have not enough money to appear all of them together. I hav plan to appear one first , if i get migration of promotion in job of that certificate. then i 'll b able to spend more on these certifications. I will do ol these certificates, but don't know which one has most market value. So i need support , if anyone here can suggest me then i 'll b really thnkful ....


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Can someone translate this

Can someone translate this from ADMINspeek to English? ;P

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أبتدى So obviously he went from أبتدى to أبدى which does translate

-- W. B. Yeats, He Wishes for the Cloths of Heav

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What do you want to do ?

As for Sun, I really have no idea!
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Tayeb ana hwada7

ya sedey mabd2ayan ana CS graduate Fa de meza laia any akon fe ay magal ... ana ba7eb al network we mosh ba7eb al programming ma3a any CS zay ma 2olt bas malesh feeh

al fekra ba2a any 3ayz asfer Dubai 3alshan momken te2ol any 3ayz 23esh henak or 3ala al 2a2al abny nafsy la2n masr de wala 100 sana 3alshan al wa7ed yob2a 7aga .. fa ana ba2a bashof al ayam de eah al byteleb aktar fe magal al network be sefa ama ...

fa howa dah al me7yarny le 7ad al wa2ty mosh la2y 7aga le HCE OR UNIX OR CCNA

howa sa3at CCNP

we mara wa7da unix administration fa ana 3ayz 7ad yensa7ny bas fe3lan yekon mot2ked an nase7to tegb nateg

mosh 3ab any 2a2ol mosh 3aref my way laken al ahm any lama amshy feeh akon mktane3 beeeh fa ana mosh 3aref 23ml eah we fe nafs al wa2t law RHCE tayeb hadresha fain linuxplus 2s3arhom wahmaya we CCNA mosh 3aref akhodha fain


Guys law 7ad 3aref good place in maadi or helwan for courses ye2oly la2n ana law ba2a 2ab3ad men keda haksael we ana fe3lan 3ayz akhlas :) ana already working bas ma3takedsh an dah al most2abl al yenfa3ny

thx Guts for helping ___

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We malha Masr?

Now if we all say that we will render this LUG useless, nevertheless any piece of action that you do in this country, now think again, if you stay here, the above mentioned 100 years wil become only 99 which is a good step.

So long and thanks for all the fish.

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