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Big meeting

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Today we had an unusually full meeting at roastery zamalek. This weekly thursday event is usually social, but this time inevitably the converstions included eglug and some good came out of it.

It's nice to see the LUG coming slowly back into activity.


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Do you consider that

Do you consider that meeting part of the LUG activities ? Hell no! This meeting is mine and Diaa's. You are all New Comerz!

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Please read and understand

Please read and understand carefully what I said. And notice that your comment is devoid of any smilies. TROLL!

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I only state facts. If you

I only state facts. If you don't like facts then this is your problem.

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It's obvious the problem

It's obvious the problem is on your side.

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The obvious fact.. that you disclosed the location of the secret meetings to the prols and non-party members :P So long and thanks for all the fish.

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I See that Phaeron is a disgrace on our party , and he sold us by declairing where the party memebers gather ..

i motion to suspend Islam

cheers, DJ KING aka Sameh Y. Sabry

Slacker on Debian

I hope we will keep it up

Actually i hope we will keep it up every thursday, it is good to have a meeting and discuss the lug's stuff and issues and also to see each other.. it was really nice to see you guys :) Miro

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It was also nice seeing

It was also nice seeing you after such a long absence, and you are welcome every thursady and any other time. Disregarding the trolls.

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