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Migrating my files

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Assalam Alikum,

I am bound to leave Egypt within few days and I have here my Linux box with everything I have on its HDD. I want to know what should I do to take everything with me. For example, I use thunderbird as my mail client and it has 100s of names and addresses and most of emails which I MUST take with me. I use firefox for browsing the net and I have 100s of bookmarks which I can't live without. What should I do? I thought of taking the HDD with me, but if something happened to it, life will be difficult for me.

Waiting for your valuable advices.


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back up it

firefox :

Open your firefox --> bookmarks--> manage bookmmarks --> new window

file--> export--> save the output file and put it on ur mail or any where els..

when u go there open you firefox and do the same with import not export ..

thunderbird... i don`t use it but i think its the same or something like it

Best Regards

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