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Installfests and where EGLUG is heading.

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In last summer's installfest, we had an OK presence. Many people came and we made certain promises about our presence in el-sakia that we eventually couldn't keep.

Almost a year after that:

  • We no longer maintain physical presence in el sakkia, or anywhere else for that matter.
  • We're pushing forward with an installfest that is not even public.

While the 2nd is OK if we had many public events to make up for it, but that is not true. There are no plans for other public events later this year. However, i have some suggestions about the current situation.

  • we must secure a place for official LUG meetings, courses, etc. Either el-sakkia again or somewhere else. (This issue is of high priority.)
  • we should try to organize another installfest later this year. Hopefully public.


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Go ahead

I am open for suggestions. We can negotiate with any place be it sakkia or not.

I know that the GUC fest is not really a big thing becasue it's not public, but at least if we do a good job, we will have leverage and negotiating power, that we can use to make later on events public.

A good refrence is a nice thing to have, and right now the sakkia is no more a good refrence IMHO.

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nothing is more important

nothing is more important than universities.

look around, we have job offers but not enough people applying, we have companies looking for young FOSS programmers and admins, we lack FOSS developers, we lack people who can write good documentation etc.

IMO we need to do more advocacy to computing students and professionals and to hackers than general advocacy to n00bs and end users and universities are a perfect place to meet those we need most.

that doesn't mean we don't need a good place for public events, just thought I'd point out that GUC is an important thing.


husband of the Grand Waragi Master

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أنا معنديش

أنا معنديش فكرة ايه المشكلة مع الساقية، حد يقولى ايه اللى حصل، ولو مفيش مشكلة حقيقية يبقى احنا محتاجين حد يتكلم مع الناس فى الساقية وننظم الموضوع من تانى -أنا مستعد أروح واتكلم معاهم بس ده كحل أخير لو محدش ناوى يروح ﻷن ده مش سهل بالنسبة لى-، ولو فى مشكلة كبيرة مع الساقية بيقى ندور على مكان تانى -حد عنده اقتراح، أنا معنديش-

بالنسبة للمهرجان، علاء منطقه معقول ، بس ده ميمنعش من اننا ننحاول ننظم مهرجات تانى، زى بتاع مكتبة مبارك اللى المفروض انه اتأجل لأجازة الصيف، ولو حلينا مشكلة المكان ممكن نعمل المهرجان السنوى التالت

المشكلة ان مفيش أى نشاط تقريبا والمجموعة كلها "نايمة فى الضرا"، عايزين شوية حماس

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I've got the complete status quo

Come next time to the meetings we have at the roastery and I'll brief you on how matters stand. Maybe you can give us fresh ideas.

Incidentally, I think for the time being not having a "permanent" location is not a catastrophe. We're meeting regularly over dinner, and we've got a major event coming up... Would be nice to have a place like Sakia, but not having it isn't a killer either.

We're used to operating with no resources anyhow.


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Concerning public events

If you want public events, arrange them rather than griping about the lack of.

Yalla, someone go arrange something for November.


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Oh, this brings us to the

Oh, this brings us to the meetings thingie.

I admit having seen EGLUG members at least once every 2 weeks during the last 6 months or so. The problem here is that Youssef considers these as "Actual" LUG activity. However, they are not.

  • These meetings are not open(public).
  • We discuss linux and technology alot, but rarely do we discuss EGLUG or Linux in Egypt per se.
  • We rant more that we have actual technical discussion; i.e GNU/Bastardization.

Why can't we make them public:

  • The place isn't suited for say; having anything more than a laptop So we can't really handle desktop pc installations/usage.
  • we can't have tutorials(sessions) there.

Hence, what we need is:

  • a place with electricity, Internet and physical space for desktop PCs.
  • it has to be large enough to hold sessions.

of course, it can be discussed if any of the current members would volunteer to do anything if we had said resources.

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So, it's really easy to point out challenges. The tough part is finding solutions.

I mean, I think we all know it'd be better to have a place than not to have a place. It's just that, well, I can't be arsed to do it again.

How about you do something about it, find a place. Otherwise, there's just no point to this thread. Or someone else find a place. Don't come to the Roastery meetings and talk about it, find a place and talk to them, then let the rest of us know.

Come on people, INITIATIVE. If all it took was pointing out problems, Egypt would have occupied Europe and The US men zaman ya3ni.


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By the way nobody said the

By the way nobody said the meetings were not public. Most of the new people we have, were first introduced in those meetings.

I have personally given courses in public places like cafe's. It's very nice.

Sometimes there's real benifit from these meetings in a technical way.

Why not someone step up and talk to Mobarak Library and see if we can do something soon. Whether one time or continuous.

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I have a place but ...

the Arab Human right's information network, it is a law office concerned with human rights and focussed on internet related issues, they're willing to host small EGLUG events (think trainings, workshops, presentations) but not meetings, they don't have a lab but they have a wireless network so we can use laptops(and they might be able to offer a couple of pcs).

so it's not like sakia at all, but it's available if you guys think it's a good idea.


husband of the Grand Waragi Master

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