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Eglug logo with Shadda

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Shadda position is wrong.

Should be on the left side!

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EGLUG new logo

1st of all i had to edit the original post to point to the another domain name since the were down.

what do u think guys to make this logo our official eglug logo??


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yes yes yes yes

yes yes yes yes yes


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what about voting on this ?

Shadda is not an english character

Salamo 3alaikom,

It has been long since I posted in eglug. I really object the concept putting a shadda on the first G in Eglug for the simple reason that shadda is not an english character. Are we doing a anglo-arab logo or something? If the logo is just a drawing, it is a weird idea even for a logo. I think that we should the logo as it is. It is better this way.


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