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GUC fest updates & FUD clarification.

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I've talked with Islam tonight about all the issues. It seems that we had a lot of miscommunication and misunderstanding. Some people knew that a couple of things were stated incorrectly during the meeting thus they didn't stand up and say it. I'm not blaming anyone anyway.

Negotiations with the GUC are already in progress. If everything goes right, Islam, fred and hopefully me will be there on Saturday hanging the EGLUG event poster. It's basically an A4 poster about the event as Islam discovered that a lot of students don't know about the event.

I'd like to clarify mainly 2 points: The transportation issue: Negotiations are in progress. Motaz didn't say no. He said that he'll check and get back to Islam. GUC PCs: Motaz will also check and will come back to us. There's a possibility that we might get laptops with monitors instead of normal PCs. I guess this is OK.

What I understand is that Islam will try to either get transportation from the GUC OR get PCs from them.

If we get a way of transportation, then this is fine. If we get PCs then we have Ezabi, Diaa, Fred and hopefully others have cars.

So please, I argue everyone to stay calm. Please concentrate on the fest and be constructive. You are al doing a great job. I wish I can be with you during that day.

All the best,

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