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GUC Fest Report

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24 Hours before the big day

On Friday 15th of September at 10:30am Fred, Mnabil, theSamo, DJ KING, Bassist, Ali and me "CVirus" showed up at H4 Hall of the GUC to start preparing for the big event and BooDy was already there... In less than an hour, DarKnesS_WolF showed up with some Bakery and Phaeron was spotted with a new Laptop :-D And then we all started preparing and planning, arguing and fighting, Joking and Laughing ... After some time, Mr. Mo3taz Haddara showed up to check our requirements and to follow up with the preparation procedure he got us some chairs and tables. At 3 O'clock, one of the GIS girls "Rasha" showed up to inform us with their requirements regarding the GIS demo and some other info. Aproximately at 4 O'clock everyone started starving, while Fred, Mnabil and me were planning for a quick trip to Nasr City and Masr El Gedeeda to buy the rest of the needed equipment, print the pamhplets, bring our Desktops from home and the most important ... Buy Tons of Food for the rest of the volunteers. At 7 O'clock we arrived back again at the Hall while the guys there had started eating each other already ... We had our lunch then resumed the preparation ... DarKnesS_WolF handled the network, Fred was writing some papers, while Mnabil, Bassist and me were burning CDs on 3 laptops simultaneously ... At the same time DJ KING was sending his laughing curses on us :-D After more than 12 hours of preparation, we left the University at 11:00pm.

The Zero Hour

8 Hours later, On Saturday 16th of September at 7:00am we started showing up again at the same Hall to finalize our preparation, organize the CDs & pamphlets wearing our EGLUG GNU/Volunteer T-Shirts.finisheing the power switches installtion, the rest of the wired network, and waiting to get the internet access, few mints later and the monitors arrived, we started seting up our stations. the mic technection got us one nice mic. the IT guys showed up and we started fixing the connection issue. but it wasn't as DarKnesS_WolF or anyone else expected. it has access with username and password so not all of us were able to use. but we managed to get what we need from the internet .. around 8:51 students start to show up. we were still finishing the last touches, diaa started his FOSS talk around 9:15, we find some student has GNU/Linux already installed and having some problems. after diaa finished he explaned how it's going to work and we started the install fest by our demos to the and installing ubunut or kbuntu to them on the laptops. lots of student got ther laptops powered by GNU/Linux now. phaeron showed the crowd what is XGL and the power of it. the auddunce were really interested. then a german guy showed up " tamer hagazi " a guy here in egypt sine 1 year and he got his PC with him and want to help with us he did a php demo with zend.The GIS GIRLS " as they like to call themselfs " give a good demo about GIS concepts and OpenSource Tools. Mnabil were talking about Java and opensource devolopment tools under GNU/Linux , Cvirus recruting the student to use KDE, DarKnesS_WolF give from Zero To Drupal installation and some custmization , Fred were talking about the Server side of GNU/Linux , Dj-king , Ali, Khaled Hossny and BooDy installation team.Bassist the command line intro. TheSamo took care of taking pics. and using amgadpasha webcam to make a fast movie for the event. not all the demos were in the data show for sure .. the FOSS ,XGL some of Mnabil and tamer demo were on the Datashow and also the GIS were in the datashow.

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