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NetworkDisabling irq# 11

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Assalam Alikum,

I am in a very bad situation. I have been trying to install Linux (CentOS, 4.2 - I know it is old, but it is the only set of CDs I have, besides, it takes 5 minutes to upgrade to the latext) on my Laptop, Dell, Inspiron. Everything went just fine with my USB mouse connected nad then after reboot, the system gave me these messages (or should I say this message?);

startung udev

starting network... NetworkDiabling irq# 11

And the system hangs completey, that I have to either restart or unplug the power to restart it again.

I read in a site that the reason might be the USB mouse and that one should reinstall the system again, with mouse unplugged! I "reinstalled" the system as described "the mouse unplugged" and I got the same message.

Finally, I read that I should do a text base installation, which I did, but the problem persists.

Do you have any solution other than finding myself another distro!? By the way, I am sure I made a mistake by not comming here first.



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Can you try booting with

Can you try booting with :


added to the boot command ?

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Thanks for the reply How

Thanks for the reply

How can I do this? I mean from which command line? Do I need to do it from the grub menu? and how?

Also, what is the effect of this command on the system?


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OK! Here is what I did; I

OK! Here is what I did; I went to the rescue mode, and I issued the command:

chroot /mnt/sysimage/


cd /boot/grub/ vim menu.lst

I added "apci=off noapci" to the end of the line which starts with kernel.

Is this OK?

Also, the exact error message is:

Initializing Hardware... Sorage NetworkingDiabled irq# 11


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That's right , but you

That's right , but you could have done it from the grub menu directly. You can press "e" on the menu item you want to edit and then again on the line you want to edit then "b" to boot the modified entry.

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nothing happened, then what?

Should I try abythung else.


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Assalam Alaikum,

I have solved the problem. I installed CentOS 4.4 through an ftp installation. It is alive and kicking now.

I have only a sound problem! It seems the sound card is not supported under kernel 2.6.9 (some said it can be solved with 2.6.16 but I am not sure they are right)

Any ideas to the sound problem are welcome.

I shall try to install CentOS on another laptop with an intel Core Duo processor, do you have any suggestions?


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