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A Picture's Worth 1000 Words

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My eglug contributing comments and nodes ,Comments in red nodes are green.


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I know you contributed a

I know you contributed a lot. But those contributions are not related to the administrative position. This is related to being a LUG member. Weren't you going to contribute them if you were not an administrator ?

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Priviliges abuse

Sorry Conceptor, I didn't want to get myself into this debate.

But the above information is an abuse of rights, not everybody has access to this data, and it's considered an abuse as it was used for a personal goal.

This should have at least been done by a none biased body.

So long and thanks for all the fish.

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would people of the

would people of the community be more comfortable if this gets unpublished ? or at least the image ?

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I didn't think of it as

I didn't think of it as abusing privileges, Simply it's eglug data which should be available to eglug members.

any member could ask for such thing for any reason, Since it will contains none-confidential data.

Diaa Radwan

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I don't see a problem

I think so long as members can obtain the relevant data by asking Diaa, then it isn't abuse. I haven't seen anyone complaining about not being able to access the data, so this chart isn't a problem.


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is this based on nid and

is this based on nid and cid? I don't think this graph represents the truth you did not contribute 2500 nodes.

if you want to measure your contributions just count the number of published nodes and comments under your name that where published since you become an admin.

I've no interest in participating in this debate but I find it scarry that all of you guys missed the blatant misrepresentation (I'm sure it wasn't intended) in this graph.


husband of the Grand Waragi Master

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And by the way,

The graph above proves one more thing, that diaa is responsible for each and every single post on I think this is remarkable and shows an unusual dedication.


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It also proves that we

It also proves that we don't take posts seriously. Maybe because it was diaa. maybe just this incident. but it happens that we don't look at things closely.

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