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preparing an install fest in Faculty of Engineering Ain Shams University

for preparing an install fest in Faculty of Engineering Ain Shams University GIS team we have a meeting yesterday 18/10/2006 with Dr.Aly EL-Bahrawy the head of hydraulics department in faculty of engineering Ain Shams University concerning the install fest in the college

we are going to meet the Dean on saturday isa (RashaWater&Dr.Aly) to discuss with the dean this issue

so,I need details about what we need exactly there and what we r going to do as well

thanks alot

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Thats great, i think we will need for the install fest .. a nice place " i prefer it's not section room or lectures halls" we need it like a cafeteria or any another place can fit for the event .. i think the good time for this fest is 2nd week after terms vacations. and can they provide us some PCs for some demos? if they can't then it's okay we will try to manage with our laptops and LUG members that can donate hardware for the event. Internet connection will be perfect if they can provide us with. thats my vision


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details concerning install fest in faculty of engineering

on saturday(21/10/2006) we(rashawater,eng.mohamed mostafa,dr.ali elbahrawy) gain success in our meeting with the dean of faculty of engineering

the dean welcomed the idea and was interested in it so much as she told us that there was a fest established before in the college two years ago

she will provide us the facilities we want concerning a wide lab and the other details will be agreed on after returning from the vacation of el3eed isa

we gonna to meet her again to approve every thing

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Rasha, Well done. I'd

Rasha, Well done. I'd really like to raise my hat to you and your team.

Do you have a rough estimation re. the date of the fest ?

estimation for install fest date

the estimation for install fest date will be after mid year vacation by 2 weeks so students are free to attend and no exams at this time thanks

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great ;-)

Ok rasha well done :-) .. now next step for you is to talk with Head of Computer he/she have an idea about the event and it's great that we have the dean green light... please keep us updated.


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