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SPAM aaaaargh!

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Yesterday I was enjoying my pre-feast time , when a stupid user registered on submitted spam comments to lots of nodes. I blocked the user and with the help of Msameer I performed a SQL statement that unpublished all of his comments.

I wish we could try, shoot, bomb, electrocute, slaughter etc... all spammers. Let's hear it for anti-spam terrorism!

Another very significant thing happened which I will blog about soon in a separate post.


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huh ? stupid user ?

Personal attack! You shouldn't say a stupid user.

You are also saying that he's a user while it's a script probably


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(%*%@$%$%# $FEW$W%T

  • (%*%@$%$%# $FEW$W%T
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So long and thanks for all the fish.

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then use captcha module stops spam without consuming resources


husband of the Grand Waragi Master


+1 for captcha

I'm not running a math captcha anywhere, did spammers upgrade themselves to bypass captcha's math or not yet? :p

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At around the same time frame my personal website was attacked in a similar manner, although I do use math captchas at several points.

Whether this was scripted ( random answers to the captcha or a parser ) or it was some kind of XSS vulnerability I don't know.

I like math captcha so +1 for it.

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