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AUC cooperation

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Today Cvirus, me and mostafa as3ad attended a meeting with the student activities coordinator of the AUC to arrange possible future cooperation.

First I'd like to thank Mostafa for his efforts in opening this door, and getting the ball rolling. I hope good comes out of this.

The coordinator was very friendly, and she was interested in cooperating with us. There were two possible ways to do this. Either under the umbrella of a continuous effort they have called the ICIT, or under the auspices of their CS department.

ICIT have an upcoming major event in November that we might be able to hook onto. The coordinator gave me the number of the person responsible for the ICIT organization, and I will try to see how it goes.

UPDATE 1: I have spoken with ICIT organizer and found out that they rent booths in the event commercially, therefore we can't take one. However, after the main conference is done, which is on the 12th of November, they will be conducting seminars about various topics. He agreed to let us give a seminar about FOSS and eglug. Details are still not clear to me, but he is interested in coordinating with us.

Now I need commitment from at least 2 volunteers that they can give this seminar. Then I can call him again, and work out the details.

I will update this wiki page as more detail becomes evident.


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Good :)

great job :)

i'm Known AS : Mnabil

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Can do the seminar

Need more specificity on the topic/theme though.


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Ok I will call the guy back and tell him we have at least one volunteer for the seminar type of event. I will try to get as much detail as possible.

This is as far as we can go, on short terms with ICIT. Later on we can negotiate long term cooperation.

In the meanwhile I will go back to the AUC student activities organiser and try to cook a deal with the CS department.

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Final word

I'll need to know when, what, etc. by Sunday MORNING.


wht is icit????

can any one here told me wht is ICIT? & is it related with ieee?? thx

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