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test upgrade

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a 4.7 copy of (08-11-2006 9:30 pm GMT+2) is now running over here:

see if you are good enough to spot some errors, and add them to the list..

List of upgrade47 gotchas:
  • theme tables are ugly.
  • revisions lost.
  • lost diff module, no 4.7 version. a patch exists but doesn't apply to recent HEAD. MSameer contributed the port to 4.7. Thanks!
  • new access permissions introduced. need to check and assign them for roles.
  • many hardcoded relative links where assuming <base> tag, in 4.7 we should manually prefix each link by base_path().
note for self and others.. things to be tested/done
  • flexinode. as in project page they mention that not all fields were ported to 4.7. all ported
  • theme uses hardcoded forms, should use 4.7's Forms API.
  • image_filter, diff, rankvote, wiki, members are all cvs modules. should test.
  • consider the comments here done, most of them suggest better ways of doing things.
  • Search button in header is devoid of text.


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the whole don't use tables

the whole don't use tables thing is a total myth.

there is a difference between using a single table for the main layout and using hundreds of tables everywhere.

most non table solutions involve extra container divs so the whole my markup is clean thing does not apply, they end up with very ugly CSS too. until we explicit code for multicolumn layout I think a single table is much better that anything else.

for flexinode all the fields we need are ported

for links, I think we can add a base tag in the theme wi khalas, no?

image filter, diff, and wiki work fine, get wiki from my sandbox (bidi too)

rankvote is begging for a reimplementation, someone should look at decision module.


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alien brain explained what

alien brain explained what he meant by tables, I think the classes for table rows have changed from .dark and .light to .odd and .even

the search box thing requires a simple change in the theme, documented in the drupal theme upgrade handbook, you basically remove the form code and replace it with a simple print statement.


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yay! thanks alaa! I guess that leaves nothing unclear.. tomorrow I will do some more testing, get rid of the small issues.. forms, theme...etc. Then will take a look at rankvote alternatives.

May be the day after, if no issues were found, will upgrade for real.

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for the basepath problem,

for the basepath problem, I suggest using the l() function instead, it is much more readable and consistant accross upgrades, and in the future might allow for mass url rewriting and stuff.

just l('linktext, 'relativepath'); and everything will be fine.


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Agreed, that's easy for blocks or other php snippets we write, but for nodes and comments I don't know how intelligent the filters are.

Btw, while I was running through hunting down a revisions problem, I came across these two update functions:

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I don't think we have many

I don't think we have many relative links in the nodes and comments, since most of our content is done in wiki format which does not allow relative links.


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