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Raise your hats to Shuttleworth

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Mark Shuttleworth Entices OpenSUSE Developers

Shuttleworth sent

Take that Novell!


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Raise your hat to redhat

ubuntu will ship probably illegal binary modules with their next versions.

Diaa Radwan

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Is it time to move to

Is it time to move to debian then?

or maybe better, slackware

make love not cat /dev/urandom > world

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I think so

RMS' position (which I accept) is that the only circumstances under which it is acceptable to use non-free software is when there really is no alternative.

I don't consider beryl to be life-or-death.

Don't get me wrong, I have other non-free systems on this laptop, but I can live with my own shortcomings. I don't want the whole superstructure (read distro) from which I derive the solutions to my tech needs to be tainted by bad calls like this.


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