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Minutes of the First Meeting

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This is the raw minutes I took of our first EGLUG meeting, it needs to be summerized in a proper report. From the agenda:

1.Working out the details of EGLUG courses at El Sakia: who teaches what when and to whom

  • Sakia Membership (for who'll attend activities held there)
  • Courses:
    • arius32 will start graphics courses in August
    • Try the courses on ourselves and friends in July, and do it on public in August
    • Sameh from CuLUG will organize a course with Khaled (instructors, times)
    • Khaled will advertize the courses on Sakia's mailing list (8000 members)
    • Participants in courses should pay Sakia's membership
  • Weekly workshop:
    • kernel_canine has promised to giv a workshop on Firewalls next Wednesday at 5:30 p.m.
    • in case he can't do it he will hav to organize an alternative workshop by someone else
  • Souk El Sakia on Fridays:
    • need 1 person to help with khaled
    • Distro CDs
    • need a free book to photocopy and sell
    • may b t-shirts, meddles
    • YoussefAssad and seek_the_reality promised to help with Khaled in Souk El Sakia next Friday (9 to 9)
  • Weekly sessions (linux support + gathering):
    • make the gathering with a topic??
    • agreed to make it free topic
    • LI-6YLUCY has promised to be the facilitator of the day
    • Put a dedicated PC in Sakia for ppl who come and ask Khaled for support, so that they ask their questions on the forum
    • Advertizing for the weekly gathering/support on our mailing list, Sakia's mailing list
    • put the support questions on the forum to show the ppl how EGLUG operates
  • Do or Die:
    • Translation, Bug hunting
    • Joker Prince has promised to be the facilitator for the next Do or Die, it will b translation of the document: From power-up to bash prompt, they will start at 10

2.Deciding on the Alexandria InstallFest; where and when?

  • couldn't get Alex Library or Victoria college (needed tasree7 men wezaret al tarbeya wa al ta3leem)
  • Mina will contact Motaz and talk with Abu Qeer Academy, will giv us feedback by the end of the week.
  • Cvirus and kernel_canine will try to get tasree7 men wezaret al tarbeya wa al ta3leem, will giv us feedback by the end of the week.
  • due to how busy we r, we'll leave this topic to the ppl looking for a suitable venue, when a venue is found all of us will focus on the fest

3.Improving cooperation with Linux-Egypt: how and why?

  • Policy: we share goals, if they need help we should giv them, if we need help they should giv us
  • we should document our experiences and share it with other LUGs and groups
  • this should be the policy with any LUG or group in Egypt

4.Marketing EGLUG: how?

  • we have 600 mailing lists/forums
  • other groups we cooperate with (Sakia: activities, website, newsletter)
  • Flyers in computer malls (list the shops on our website)
  • Bumper stickers (can Alameya giv us an offer?)
  • financing adverts by trivial fees taken for the courses (through el Sakia)
  • put flyers in newspapers
  • Sponsorship??

5.Improving access to Linux distros and linux books and other things.

  • Goal: 1 new place per month for CDs (computer shops, internet cafes)
    • follow up on the latest releases (buy it from sakia or get it from our distributors list)
  • put them on elwaseet
  • Goal: 1 new place per month for books (3am sa3d, photocoping shops, bookshops)
    • print first copy (kernel_canine, Sakia)
  • kernel_canine has promised to giv khaled a copy of the Open CD they had already arabized at work

6.The website; challenges facing us, improvements needed, suggestions (and praise for Alaa, Manal, whirlpool, and ramez for their great work!)

  • Editorial policy
  • Simplification of the interface

7.Discussing and ratifying the EGLUG charter

  • we will hav a poll on the approval of the charter on Tuesday

8.Discussing ideas for group work such as writing a book, translating articles, etc. (brainstorming)

  • Collaborative work on the website, anyone can start a project

Off Agenda:

  • How to operate Linux Suppport Sessions (Q: How do I migrate my system to Linux)
    • Make a list of the ppl who want to work (as admins) or can give Linux support (payed)
  • Discuss Linux curriculum on the forum
  • we need to look on the possibility of translating Rute (chapter by chapter for example)
  • Legal questions:
    • What the egyptian laws say about publishing material licensed under the GPL?
    • What the egyptian laws say about leasing our own material under the GPL?
    • Free legal support at HMLC (Hisham Mubarak Law Center)
    • 3 workshops on free software targeting NGOs 12 to 14 July, 19 to 21 July and 2 to 4 August from 9 to 4
    • EGLUG will give a session on Linux
    • we need volunteers to giv these sessions
  • points raised by kernel_canine
    • Why do we do face to face support?
    • Consultancy on EGLUG
    • why r we using drupal
  • Promoting Linux and Free Software
    • In universities (in semisters)
    • In small businesses
    • see action plan and open discussion
    • Poll: which university u r in?, the we choose a coordinator for each university
  • Cross announcements between EGLUG and CuLUG, cross RSS feed
  • Developers oriented activities:
    • a subgroup??
    • Programming on one of the weekly workshops

Who attended the meeting:

  1. Alaa
  2. MohammedSameer
  3. Whirlpool
  4. YoussefAssad
  5. Manal
  6. Dr Marlyn Tadrus (MENGOS)
  7. amg
  8. SamehRagheb
  9. soppy_boy
  10. magdon
  11. mina ramses (mina_r_Tux?)
  12. Login
  13. Copelt (new member who came by accident ;-)
  14. mvlinux
  15. khaled
  16. ahmed
  17. CVirus
  18. ADminS
  19. DarKnesS_Wolf
  20. mildewy
  21. BooDy
  22. Pronco
  23. Rocket_Lancher
  24. seek_the_reality
  25. ahmadtarek
  26. samersarhan
  27. Joker Prince
  28. robertoramsis
  29. ramez.hanna
  30. LI-6YLUCY
  31. phaeronix
  32. DJ KING
  33. kernel_canine
  34. ShErbO
  35. Khaled Mohsen (Sakia)
  36. Ayman Noubi (Sakia)
  37. samah johnson


Manal's picture

Who will write the report

Don't think that I'll be taking the minutes every meeting coz I'm the only girl.

It took me a lot of time to type them, so may b one of the laptop owners can take the minutes directly on their laptops next time, or at least lend the laptop to someone else to do it.

Who will write the proper report??

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Ok, I can lend you my laptop,

Ok, I can lend you my laptop, But only if i won't be playing network games with DJ-KING during the meeting :-)

Manal's picture

Not me

I don't want to borrow ur beautiful laptop, I'm not doing the report again, so u can lend it to whoever is gonna write it or u can write urself :-P

Derek Hval

Derek Hval

Ok, I can lend you my

Ok, I can lend you my laptop, But only if i won't be playing network games with DJ-KING during the meeting :-)

-- I was known as Uniball!



If the offer is still on

If the offer is still on the table, I'd like to borrow your laptop ;)

The prescription I got was so expensive but worth it in the end.



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