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Software freedom day

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Looks like a good opportunity to revive a certain LUG...

Any thoughts??


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Do. Don't talk!

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I'm sooo in

We need to summon the daemons of eglug (not sshd, httpd, etc.. I mean the people) soon. Will it be a problem for us to do this in Ramadan? 15th September is the 3rd/4th day of Ramadan this year

make love not cat /dev/urandom > world

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BooDy, these are daemons, we need deamons to move the people, any plans, should we discuss this further tomorrow??

Now leave Sameer to his pancakes in Helsinki

So long and thanks for all the fish.

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do you wanna say that I made your day ?!!

the post was here

Thankx Ezabi for propagating

Regards Samer

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sounds good

okay ideas, brain storming when / where ?


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