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Network HowTo ( Should be translated to Arabic )

Arabic Network Howto for any distro:

The following is just a quick draft. Not even in Arabic. But eventually should be. Needs to be translated.

1) Loading your ethernet card driver.

2) Setting up the network.


After loading your driver you can get sure that it is recognized by typing

Usually your card will have network interface name eth0. If your router/modem is running a DHCP server (in other words is set to automaticly give ip addressses to devices connected to it) just use

Static IP

Here you must know mainly three things:

  • The IP range of addresses you are allowed to take and
  • The IP address of the gateway (router)
  • An IP address of any DNS server (usually your router acts as a DNS server for you so you the IP address of the DNS is usually that of your router)

Give yourself an IP.

Where is your IP.

Specify the gateway

Where is the IP of your router or DSL Modem.

Specify DNS servers

Edit /etc/resolve.conf and put some DNS servers. Put the following

Where again is the IP of your router or DSL Modem.

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