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What'd people like to see during the fest ?

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Since I still don't know what to offer during the fest, I thought about asking what'd people like to see ? Maybe I can find something ;-)


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I want a session about

I want a session about arabization/localization and how to get involved in from the programmer perspective.

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That's an original

That's an original topic!

But what exactly do you like to know ?

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How a newbie programmer

  • How a newbie programmer like me :-) get started .
  • Short background about arabization .
  • The best tools to do the job . ( programming languages, resources, ... etc )
  • The main issues that we face in the arabization process .

مش عارف ايه تانى بس ممكن تختار حاجات للناس اللى ملهاش خبره سابقه بالموضوع . :)

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It's a nice idea. You need

It's a nice idea. You need something like Supporting Arabic from a developer point of view...

The only problem is this is coding and I don't have a reliable laptop ATM. Hope I'll get it before the fest...

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