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Wikimania 2008

Hey all,

while on our trip to the last install fest, I guess many of you were interested about the idea of hosting Wikimania in Egypt, you can work on it now. Bidding will end on 5 October, organizing such an event will require a large number of people to deal with it, currently we're very few to this. The library of course will offer volunteers but this's not what we're after, we should be a group of Wikipedians or people who really beleive in open source and free knowledege.I invite you all to join us, please add your name, location and that you're willing to help in ".." or just willing to help and be part of the team.

In the next 3 weeks we'll be revising our bid page, enhancing it and adding more relevant information, gathering more people who are really interested in this thing.

And the most important thing we're trying to raise fund for the event from local companies, so far we didn't get the required amount of money. if someone has previous experiences with that, we'll appreciate his/her help. all kinds of experincece will be needed if we won, graphic designers, wiki experts (most will come from Arabic Wikipedia), general coordinators, etc.. so please don't hesitate to join us immediately, for any questions, please use this topic or Mido.architect at gmail dot com

I'm M. Ibrahim or Mido, Admin on Arabic Wikipedia and coordinator for the Wikimania 2008 bid.


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To dos?!

i'm in although i have no idea about what you need is there a list of to do stuff?? what do u need exactly ? how can we help ?? we need to know what do u need so we can decide who can help .

Mo'men Azkoul

To dos

We've nearly finished essential tasks but for the sponsors which we're already working on. for the bid tasks we need the following added to the page:

  • The venue section will be handled by the library team.
  • expand the accommodation section to include hotels rates (waiting for the library's special rates for these hotels)
  • check for low air flight costs directly to Alexandria from major cities, currently listed is to the Cairo airport

all work at this stage is online, so anyone can contribute. Thanks

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