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our next meeting

salam 3alecom all linux people i hope 2 continue our project "linux spread" why did we stop?????????????????? so i hope 2 organize a new meeting and continue our work. i hope 2 get any answer for my message and thnx in advance salam 3alecom

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وعليكم السلام ياريت بس مش عارف الدنيا وقفت ليه مرة ياشباب حد يرد

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I just got busy

Actually it stopped only cause I'm terribly busy. Ghada was helping me from the start but she became so busy because of her faculty too. All we need now is a volunteer to gather the community.. all I can help with is my technical experience but i can't hold on to the overhead of gathering the community and stuff like that. I want it to be more than 1 will be mutch better.


Ahmed D. El-Mekkawy

الأخ العزيز

الأخ العزيز أحمد المكاوى

أنا من الأسكندرية و عايز أشارك معاكم بأى شىء

أنا تقريبا متفرغ بعد الساعة 6 مساءا و أنا متطوع لكن خبرتى فى اللينوكس محدودة لكن و الحمد لله أنا سريع التعلم

لا اله الا الله محمد رسول الله

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