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opengl under mandriva


I am biomedical SW engineering and using Mandriva 2007 spring. My main problem now that i wanna work on mandriva C++ programming and using opengl. SO I dont know about installation of opengl under mandriva i saw mesagl, mesaglut, mesaglu installed on my system but i want opengl glu glut on my system. can anyone guide me.

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You want to install GLUT libraries

You want to install GLUT libraries.

mesa is the free implimentation of the opengl libraries. just use your package manager and search for glut and dev in name

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install glut library


I have already installed MesaGLUT using my package manager but this not what i ask about, is there open from SGI or khonorous org. that support openGL under linux. I already get src of glut i will try to compile it under mandriva this week.


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