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please i need your advice soonest "best laptop formula"

Dear brothers, you are my Laptop Advisor :) kindly i want to buy the new laptop this week ISA I need it for business environments, mixed Windows & linux "Linux: future needs avoiding client licenses" I've got 3 models wishing u advice me sooner with the best of them or suggest another brand names to consent my needs I'll be pleased if u could reply me today,Waiting your swift reply Thank you for your time P.S these are the 3 models Satellite U300-13K Satellite Pro A200-1VB Satellite A200-1Z3 My Boss the Pro A200-1VB and i suggest U300-13K or Dell What about u :) ?? Please dvice

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Same here..!

I also need some help for choosing a new laptop..

but I won't make it Winclose & Linux :)

it will be ISA just fresh pure Linux..

Ra7eel don't leave these guys w/out getting an advice.. they all got laptops..!!

لا ينبغي للشعوب أن تخاف من ميكروسوفت..ميكروسوفت هي التي يجب ان تخاف من الشعوب..! من فيلم : Linux For Vendetta !!

أنفخ معايا ف الفحماية

I've bought my first lappie couple of weeks ago, HP DV2000, and so far it's nice. Good specs vs. price IMO. And on Ubuntu Edgy, everything worked, including the webcam. I yet have to try the fingerprint reader though.


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