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From idiot to linux administrator

السلام عليكم

أنا مطلوب مني اني ابعتلهم برنامج التدريب اللي هيتعمل هناك ان شاء الله, , فقلت أعرض الموضوع هنا على أساس اننا نخرج بتصميم لما يشبه "المنهج" , سواء لموضوع الأزهر أو غيره

الهدف من المنهج ده ان احنا نؤهل خريج جديد انه يكون Linux Administrator.

أنا طبعا مستخدم عبيط , مش خبير في هذه الأمور فمعرفش ايه اللي admin محتاج يعرفه عشان كده عرضت الموضوع هنا.

ياريت اللي يشارك "يكسر" العناصر لأصغر صورة ممكنة

يعني مثلا بدل مقول Introduction to Linux أقول مثلا

  • History
  • Structure
  • Filesystem
  • etc..


MSameer's picture

A course will never give

A course will never give you a sysadmin. Don't try.

You can check the previous trainings we conducted and base on it:

  1. Introduction
  2. History
  3. Filesystem hierarchy
  4. System startup
  5. Concepts: pipes, redirects, everything is a file, ...
  6. how to find help: apropos, man, whatis, --help, google
  7. Bash scripting: arguments, parameters, loops, pipes, redirects, if, case, ...
  8. Basic commands: ls, mv, cp, cd, ln, grep, ps, ...
  9. Process management: ps, kill, fg, bg, "&", ...
  10. the /etc directory
  11. Networking basics
  12. Package management
  13. Installation and configuration of: iptables, DNS, mail, apache, php installation, MySQL, ...
  14. I'm sure I forgot a ton of things.

I sure picked one Dramatic

I sure picked one Dramatic title for my post, my bad :)

After all I'm spending 7 years in the school of medicine and they are NOT enough to make me a "doctor" , All the course does is bring the trainee to a point where s/he can self-educate himself.

Thanks for your contribution

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I can help if it's gonna

I can help if it's gonna be held asaln

and then after the Training sessions maybe there will be 1 or 2 who we can consider on the way to be A SYSADMIN they have to work for their own, search the man's and web to learn more

It will be held Ensha'

It will be held Ensha' Allah , I'm working on it, as long as there are volunteers and people willing to learn It will be held Ensha'Allah.

Now, do you have anything to add/edit/remove from what MSameer said?

I need a "time-bound" schedule, y3ny each point ta7'od kam sa3a.

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well, we can depend on the

well, we can depend on the LPI and add to it of course for example :

  1. Introduction to Gnu/Linux
    1. what is Gnu ?
    2. what is Linux ?
    3. why Linux ?
  1. Installation
    1. install from CD
    2. install from the Nertwork
    3. Install using kick start
  1. Linux file system hierarchy
  2. Manage Linux Files
    1. create/delete files/Directory
    2. Permissions and Attributes
    3. monitoring Disk/ dir usage
  1. Using command Line
    1. history
    2. shell types
    3. Variables
    4. common commands
    5. input,output and redirection
  2. using editors
    1. vi
    2. emacs
  3. Boot, Initialization, Shutdown, and Runlevels
  4. How to use man and search for their own
  5. Administration tasks
    1. add /del users
    2. add/del groups
    3. change permissions
    4. the /etc/ content
    5. system logs
    6. bash scripting
    7. using cron
    8. backup
    9. fstab
    10. xorg.conf
    11. snort
    12. monitoring the Network
    13. configure the Network devices
    14. configure VPN
    15. Configure Apache server
    16. configure mail server
    17. configure DHCP serve and DNS server
    18. configure SAMBA Server and manage the shares
    19. tcp/ip
    20. basic Networking
    21. firewalls
    22. install/remove/update packages
    23. compile source packages

those thing what is on my mind right now it may be need to be reorder and of course add a lot of more things

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