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Dell with Mandriva

Dear friends I am a new user of linux I.have Mandriva on my laptop Dell inspiron 1520.the problem is the software I use for my M.Sc project always have an error that there is a library that is not found ,with the help of one of my friends we install it but there is an error again and again about another one!! I think it may be a hardware issue,the question is Is there a problem with Mandriva on Dell inspiron 1520 ??

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Details ?

  1. Which version of Mandriva ?
  2. What's the software you are trying to install ?
  3. What's the missing library ?
  4. What's the exact error message ?

it is Mandriva 2008

it is Mandriva 2008 x64

the software is called SAS "XMM-Newton Science Analysis Software" it requires ds9 Grace Perl X11 Qt

first it was then after installing X11R6 it is

the error massage is "error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory"

what make me think that it is a hardware issue that it work fine in all my Fellow's HP laptops

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no there is no hardware

no there is no hardware problem, you simply did not install all the dependencies required by your SAS software.

normally when you install software you're relying on your distros ackage manager, but since xmm-newton is not packaged for mandriva you had to install it manually and now you have to figure out dependencies on your own.

the file is provided by the package libt1lib5 , you can install it by running this command as root

urpmi libt1lib5

if you face a similar problem in the future and want to find out which package provides the file mentioned in the error message use the urpmf command to search through your package database

$ urpmf


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thank you

thank you

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