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Open sessions free held periodically in alex

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Open Sessions was initiated by eSpace as an attempt to push the open source technology further in the community.

continuing eSpace series of open sessions, we invite you to attend the Ruby On Rails session, that will be held next Monday April 6th, from 4.00PM to 6.00 PM at "Alexandria business Association, Middle East Training Center, 40 Tutankhamun Street, beside Resala charity foundation, Smouha, Tel. 4248674."

Session will be delivered by Muhammad Ali, eSpace CTO, please find below tutor's biography:

1- Extensive hands on experience with Ruby and Ruby On Rails a. Introduced the Ruby on Rails technology @ and @ eSpace b. Provided Rails consultancy to several US based startups c. Delivered lots of prototypes and project concepts in Rails d. Delivered several medium to large scale applications in Rails e. Consulted and audited Rails projects @ eSpace f. Implemented several plugins for Rails

2- Helped in training and gave lectures on various Ruby/Ruby on Rails topics

Session Agenda, 1- Origins and Philosophy 2- Object Oriented 3- Classes and Objects 4- Modules 5- Methods 6- Blocks 7- Meta Programming 8- System Introspection 9- The Future

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