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What about making a FOSSCON in Egypt in next July or 1st augst ?

i wish we can talk about many topics/technologies in this FOSSCON like:

- FOSS in education

- FOSS in Medical Field

- FOSS in Business

- FOSS in Industrial field

- FOSS in Agriculture field

- Innovation in FOSS

- Big Companies that support FOSS move

- Case studies for Countries that move to FOSS

- .... add yours here ...

we can talk for example about Free Open Source Operating Systems like ( Linux, *BSD, OpenSolaris, Minix, Syllable, ReactOS ).

we can talk about Free Software that serves Remote Education and how it can save the government money, time and efforts.

we can talk about Free Software that serves small & medium enterprises like ERP, CRM, HRM, ...etc.

we can distribute invitations, brouchores in universities, schools, companies and mosques/churches near the CON. area .

i hope we will make this event in a university and invite some business men and for example ministers of education, high education, ...etc.

can we do something like this ?


It will need much work and

It will need much work and preparation so..

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