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Invitation to Wikimania 2008

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Have you ever tried Wikipedia? Do you want to know about other projects based on wiki? Do you want to learn how to write, edit and share in this new revolution?

Wikimania is an international conference where the enthusiastic community behind the Wikimedia projects gathers to meet, exchange ideas, report on research and projects, and discuss the future of the Wikimedia projects. It is a community event, which is also open to the public and to researchers. Experts and activists in free knowledge, wiki culture, multi-lingual and multi-cultural projects, and massively collaborative open systems can exchange ideas with active Wikimedians in a highly participatory and energetic, discussion-driven format.

Conference themes this year include:

· 35 % discount for all students in Egyptian Universities. kindly send your National ID or Passport + Faculty ID Card after you register to: [email protected]

· 50 % discount for group students more than 10 persons, each individual is to register separately and the group list is to be sent afterwards along with the IDs in a separate email to: [email protected]

:) Sincerely,

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135$ registration fee a

135$ registration fee a bit expensive by Egyptian standards.

not sure how many of us non students and non contributors can afford this.


husband of the Grand Waragi Master

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"Registration Fees For All

"Registration Fees For All Egyptian Citizens" :)

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are you sure? this is not

are you sure? this is not what the registration page says

Egyptian Wikimedia contributor (LE)


husband of the Grand Waragi Master

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Yes I'm sure ,and you can

Yes I'm sure ,and you can register now and the payment system will tell you "You have to pay ```` to complete & confirm your registration"

````` -----> Your Fees

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