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Bash prompts up the wazoo!

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So, I spent last night mucking about with color codes and arcane /proc entries and came up with a prompt so bloated that it wouldn't look out of place in Microsoft Windows XP. Features:

  • 2 lines
  • Full path of CWD
  • name of user, colorised (green if normal user, red if root)
  • time/date
  • one field alternating between the hostname in green or the text ``I am DIRTY!'' in red depending on whether the kernel has been tainted or not.
  • One viral entry in the end which does not get printed but which echoes ``God wants you to visit'' to ~/.bashrc (the idea being to trick unsuspecting users into using this prompt and generating free advertising in the most unethical way I can currently think of)

Planned Features:

  • have code embedded in $PS1 which scans for open proxies in Catalunia and uses them to spoof e-mail to ielug requesting additional shipments of nokia phones
  • Random insults in Belgian
  • patching bash such that every command executed re-executes embedded commands within $PS1 (processor overhead? What processor overhead?)

I will post my PS1 here sometime today. It really is atrocious.


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more ideas

  • make it underlined when you're logged in over ssh
  • make it show return value of latest command (very useful)
  • color code the PWD to indicate current permissions; I use 3 colors to cover write permission:
    • red for no write permission
    • cyan for write permission over a directory owned by another user
    • blue for write permission over a directory you own)
  • there is a PWD mode that collapses $HOME to ~

you can embed ansi codes to make your bash prompt write in multiple areas of the terminal, useful for making a clock on the upper corners, a fortune in a randome place or XML compliant bash sessions.

cheers, Alaa

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very interesting can you po

very interesting can you point to a tutorial to help me understand what you are saying? and how can i do such things

the best things in life are free --- so as myself

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The best place to begin is

Then when you want the full thing,


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How about an ASCII art presen

How about an ASCII art presentation of GOATSE ??

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$ man asciiview No manual

$ man asciiview

No manual entry for asciiview

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