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Session about iptables and packet filtering

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Today there's an open session by Ahmed Mekkawy AKA linuxawy with the title "Packet filtering using iptables". This session is opened for everybody to attend, but it's recommended that the attendees have the minimum knowledge of networking basic concepts (ports, tcp/ip, ... etc) and a beginner in linux.

The session is to be held today (Monday 21 July, 2008) in Alexandria business Association, Middle East Training Center, 40 Tutankhamun Street, beside Resala charity foundation, Smouha, Tel. 4248674.

This event is hosted by eSpace Technologies Open Sessions, and open to public.

c u there

Hourly time plz

Eslam A. AlMorshdy

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5:30 pm

oh i forgot that.. it's from 5:30 untill 7:30 isA

Ahmed D. El-Mekkawy

Al Salam Alikom W ra7mat

Al Salam Alikom W ra7mat ALah W barkato Please dear linuxawy i know it's hard for you but try to make sessions after that on vacations as friday or saturday to be easier to attend as lots of people may like to attend but the date is hard for them to attend from cairo like me, so if you can't it will be nice to be recorded on video to be useful and reference for every one who will need to hear it , w gzakom alah khayran for that types of sessions.

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wa 3alycom el salam

About making other sessions in friday or saturday, it's ok for me to make such a thing, but this is gonna be limited somehow cause i can't make that every week. But I guess there is lots of people can do that in Cairo if you can find a free place to give such a sessions in cairo, i'm sure that you'll find lots of people who is willing to give such a session.

If you still wanna come to alex in a weekend or so, please confirm that there's some people coming with you, so it doesn't end up with you alone in the session. and we can arrange a time/topic.

Ahmed D. El-Mekkawy

Gazkom alah khayran 3ala

Gazkom alah khayran 3ala el rad el saree3 i will try to gather some of my friends which are interesting in such types of extremely useful sessions and i will check your free time in sha2 alah and by the way most of the interesting persons for sessions are from alex and working in cairo like me.

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