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I want to download files. Lots of files.

Using bitorrent, wget, etc..

I don't aggressively download.

I am using my laptop most of the time now.

Abandoned my desktop PC because it needs some repairs.

GUI tools take lots of RAM.

My laptop is old with only 512MB of RAM.

GUI apps are irritating when you have them around.

You have to attend to them.

You can't just download and forget about your download.

I know about screen, but it is complicated.

Now, I don't shutdown, thanks to the new kernel, I suspend.

So if I can tell my Ubuntu to download in the background, I will magically find huge files waiting for me to watch, listen or do stuff with.

I can also throttle wget's speed.

This way my downloads can simmer in the background.

Today, I found that all this is possible and is very simple really:

Now close your terminal window and forget about your download.



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Screen basics

I use screen:

# start screen
$ screen

# list all running "screens"
$ screen -r

# reattach to a screen
$ screen -r foo

# attach to a screen session that has is being attached to!
$ screen -x foo

# detach from screen
^a d

Easy ? ;-)

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if screen is too much for

if screen is too much for you try dtach which is a very simple tiny tool, very useful when sshing while on a spotty connection too.


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Yes, it is nice. But had to read the man page and experiment with it for about 3 minutes. Good.

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aw poor you, you had to

aw poor you, you had to read the nasty manual!


husband of the Grand Waragi Master

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