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Feedback on the System Programming Session ???

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I wanted to gather your feedbacks about the last session in the system programming course, what do you think of splitting it into two sessions?

I like the idea of adding

I like the idea of adding a reminder. Most people who say that they 'know' C, actually don't (hay, me included!) or have written C code on a non *nix platform which could be different then *nix on a low level. Unfortunately, Ahmed has to know this :(

I know this is not the time for this yet, but hopefully we can have some life examples from open source code. Maybe with some *hints* on changes or modifications that we can do on our own for practice (this is NOT a homework).

And, I have to say, Thanks for this opportunity!

be in next system programming series after 6 months isa

hi i am really interested in the subject of system programming sessions in e-space and i missed it this time so i am in if you will make another series isa i hope so thx

My Opinion

I liked the idea of dividing the session to two parts part simplified and part advanced.

but as seen in last comment we need more real life examples and some examples from real Open Source Applications and how we can contribute with our simple knowledge.

thanks for you guys for great work.

Linux Let's Free The World

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I loved the new session system

it's very good actually we can understand the c language and know how does it work at the same time (perfect)

my rating is 9/10 Indeed

BUT I got a word that the examples that was in the session will be uploaded ??

can it be somewhere else ??

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Examples are to be uploaded today isA

about the real life examples and sample code from open source projects, actually this was scheduled to be a little bit later than now cause we are talking about concepts and so, I don't think it's a good idea now while we still have lots of things to know (pointers, arrays, ... etc).

about the last time's examples, they are to be aploaded with the presentation today isA

Ahmed D. El-Mekkawy

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Good till now

I have no problems with the course till no.

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It's good to write about it in your site, but

It's good to write about it in your site, but please keep a copy of whatever you prepare here in eglug, as we keep all the materials in one place. no need to put some materials here and some materials there.. let's keep it centeralized here and you may have copies anywhere you like.

Ahmed D. El-Mekkawy

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of course

of course Ahmed, also I hope to collect all materials from EGLUG and others in a well-organized place.

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