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Session 2

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The session resources are as follows:


C examples:


الله ينور

الله ينور يا لينكساوي باشا

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warning: return type of ‘main’ is not ‘int’

حصل معايا المشكلة دي وانا بجرب المثال بتاع switch.c عملته compile بالأمر ده

gcc -o switch.o switch.c

وكانت دي هي النتيجة

switch.c: In function ‘main’:
switch.c:3: warning: return type of ‘main’ is not ‘int’

يا ريت حد يفهمني هي ايه مشكلة void main() وليه لازم يكون ال return int;

يا ريت لو في حد ذاكر يقولنا :)

والسلام ختام

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حل المشكلة

مسح كلمة void او استبدالها ب int حل المشكلة

وسبب المشكلة دي مشروح هنا

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the rest of the solution

Why would you replace void by int if ur not returning anything ??? you should also add "return 0;" to the end of the main function

Michael behman

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main's return is used to

main's return is used to indicate the exit state of the software. in unix that is a requirement any process gives an exit code on it's termination.

by examining the exit code you can tell if the program ran successfully or it faced some problems and which kind of problem exactly.

we return 0 as the default behavior because exit code 0 means program ran successfully.

GCC complains because this is actually part of the C99 standard, which means void main is technically incorrect.

for more details about exit status check the man page for exit(3)


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عاده بيعتبر good

عاده بيعتبر good practice انك تخلي ال main ترجع int. عشان تتعود و انت بتكتب الكود انك ترجع exit/return value للسيستم.

عشان كده gcc مقالش ان ده غلط ، الراجل بيحذرك بس، ده أسمه عك :D

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