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Live Installation Of Ubuntu In Faculty Of Engineering

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Salamu alekom

Tomorrow isA we'll have a Live Installation Of Ubuntu 8.10 in Faculty of Engineering.. We'll gather in front of kaf 2, mabna kahraba , el fatra el tania.. Those who are in the faculty and didnt attend the Installation Session are very much welcomed ..

It's not a large event.. But just a trial to help those who wanna install Ubuntu to catch us in our sessions.. And anyone is welcomed to bring his Lap-top to install with us.. Either we'll have time to do so 2morow.. Or we'll do it asap (may be Thursday).. See You .. Ghada Zakaria

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nice move, please share what happens here.

Ahmed D. El-Mekkawy

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Report about the event..

Here we go with our Report...

We were 3 presenters..(Mostafa Mabrok, Amr Essam and I).. We've started our Live Installation at 10:45 in one of the classes and we had 13 attendee, 5 girls and 8 guys..

Mostafa Mabrok first started with showing us some of the attractive graphical interface of Ubuntu.. And we (Mostafa,Amr and I) talked about some places and applications that are very similar to Windows , how they - the attendee - can switch easily from Windows to Ubuntu and how they can open the windows' files easily, edit and save them easily again using the same extension or the Ubuntu's ones.. and so no one will find it difficult to contact friends who still use Windows.. (Which was a general fear)

After that.. Mostafa started installing Ubuntu 8.10 on his Lap-top .. Step by step .. Commenting on each one .. And in between Amr Essam gave us a light & fun spoken presentation about the Linux' history and some apps..

Later.. As we were waiting for the last steps to load.. I gave them (with Mostafa's help) a detailed talk about open source in general and FOSS in specific and mentioned some real examples from the world around us (took it from the presentations of Wikimania)... And then ended my speech with the importance of Linux in our Career as a REAL Communication Engineers..

In between this all ... I also talked about eglug and alex LUG and announced about the sessions held in the BA.. and gave them our mail and how they can contact us..

Feedback was really good.. Much better than we did expect.. And here are some live comments from our attendee with their own words ..

Hend: "It was AWESOME "

Abdallah : "ana 3omry ma 7abit arakez fe session zai el nahrda" And for what we should do next, he said "We should start regular programs about using Ubuntu"

Maysara: He was very satisfied and he wanted to contribute to our community and attend with us in the BA and he told us to make a paper containing important points of the sessions so that they could get it..

Ghady.. "U guys were amazing.."...

OVERALL... ALLLLL said "bgad el session 7lwa awe" , " el session el gaya emta ?????" And abt 80% requested to have our Ubuntu cds to install in home.. and we already gave them :)..

Last comment to post.. was from Mostafa himself.. "To be honest we need to reorder the session to be more attractive and more fun as we are their colleagues."

That was the general view of the session..

We promised them to have more activities and promised who wanted to attend but had a lecture or section that we're gonna have this session allover again and again till we have it a default O.S. in our collage :D..

Another good news from the LUG's activities in Faculty of Engineering will be posted soon isA in another topic :)

Coming soooooon ^_^ WAIT FOR US ^_^ ..

Ghada Zakaria

small event, great success

IMHO, such casual, limited events can make much more success than not well prepared large install-fests.


Allah yenawar ya AlexLUG ya gamed ;)

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Ma3ana ;)

Next time ma3ana.. wala eih ;) ???

Ghada Zakaria

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Allah ynawar :)

nice work ghada, mostafa and amr.. this is really great and the feedback seems to be very nice. I want you 3 to proceed in creating a linux club in alex uni. I can see that you are already prepared for such a move.

nice work guys :)

Ahmed D. El-Mekkawy

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ISA sooooooooon u'll here about our first club's meeting and we'll post a report too isA :) Also .. some very good news will be published soon isA -hopefully- about more events in our collage :)

Ghada Zakaria

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Congrats on that session

Congrats on that session Ghada, and ohh, can I join the club? ;)

Amr_Essam ... 2nna Debian + Slackware :P

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Thanks so much ya Ahmed for these nice words :)

and thanks Ghada for this report , i am really satisfied now


2 nice

2 nice > wht I can say

isA beltafeeeeeeek always and 4 ever :D

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