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[HOW-TO] Terminal as desktop background

Hi Guys,

The objective is to have a gnome terminal running as the desktop background, right above the actual background image.

It should look something like this:


Ok, lets get started...

1) Download devilspie

sudo apt-get install devilspie

2) Create a configuration file

mkdir ~/.devilspie
nano ~/.devilspie/DesktopConsole.ds

3) Paste the following configuration (press Ctrl^X to save and exit):

        (matches (window_name) "DesktopConsole")
                (set_workspace 4)
                (wintype "utility")
                (geometry "+50+50")
                (geometry "924x668")

- i use workspace 4 but you can use whatever you like.
- you should at least adjust the geometry lines to match your screen.

4) Create a new gnome-terminal profile named "DesktopConsole"
- in the "General" tab, untick "show menubar by default..."
- in the "Scrolling" tab, select "Scrollbar is" -> Disabled.
- in the "Effects" tab, set "Transparent background" and shade to "None" (or to whatever you prefer)

5) Add devilspie and gnome-terminal to the Startup Programs in your session:
in System->preferences->sessions, "Startup Programs" tab, add the 2 programs:

gnome-terminal --window-with-profile=DesktopConsole

6) Logout, Login

check to see that devilspie is running *before* the gnome-terminal command.

Dr. Radut | forum