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2nd Installation Session in Handasa

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After our first Installation Session in Faculty of Engineering..

More students requested representing the session..

And so..

We thought to have another one once we are done with our mid-terms...

And we had it last Saturday 22nd November at 12 pm ..

We had 16 Attendee..

And again..The presenters were Mostafa Mabrok , Amr Essam and Ghada Zakaria (me)..

And just like last session ..

Mostafa started with the installation steps.. and in between I talked about Open Source and FOSS ,and after, Amr talked about Linux and some applications (Firefox , Pidgin, Gimp, Open Office,...)..

Finally , we talked about eglug, our events, sessions, how to contact us,..etc..

The feed back considering the information and the Linux World was really good..

But we faced some problems considering the presentation itself and the interruption of some of the attendee with some very sophisticated information that most of the other attendee didn't catch, and caused loss of both, concentration and time ..

At last .. we again promised the attendee to have more events and sessions.. :)

And that's what we are gonna talk about isA in the next thread :D

Ghada Zakaria

Dr. Radut | forum