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Linux Campaign in Handasa

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After two installation Linux in Faculty of Engineering..

The Faculty is hosting a Linux Campaign starting on Tuesday 25th November till Saturday 6th December.

Two Info – disks will be available daily to introduce Open Source community and Linux to the students, and to talk about EGLUG and it's activities.

During these 10 days, three lectures will be given isA..

First one , Saturday, 29th November at 4 pm, will talk about Open Source and FOSS.

Second one, Wednesday, 3rd December at 4 pm , will show the Ubuntu's Installation plus talk about some basic applications.

Third one , Saturday, 6th December at 4 pm , will talk about some advanced applications and usage of C-Language.

The Campaign is hosted by the Safwa Club in co-operation with ACM and EGLUG.

Ghada Zakaria

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1st Report..

Here is every " How the Campaign is going on? " in few lines..

- So far we have more than 600 interested students registering with us after we have talked to them about Open Source, FOSS, Linux and Ubuntu.. Most of them unfortunately couldnt attend our first session , given by Linuxawy, due to their time tables but promised to be there the 2nd session isA .. - Last Saturday , Eng.Ahmed Mekkawy (Linuxawy), has given us our first session about Open Source and Linux in collage..There were 210 attendee .. The feedback was really great and people were extremely happy with the lecture and the lecturer as well :) .. The only comment accompanied every feedback was " The mick wasnt so much good.. " ..

- We're still available on our info. disks in front of kahraba ana mechanica until next Saturday isA .. and our next session will talk about " How to install Ubuntu?" and "Basic applications".. Our aim from the session is to let attendee simply switch to Linux right after we finish the session.. The Session will be - isA - next Wednesday , 4 pm in modarag 1 , mabna 23dady..

We are now dealing with one of the libraries in front of the collage (Badr) to keep one Ubuntu cd and copy it for anyone interested (for LE 2 ).. and we can then inform all the registered students or those who'll attend the next session ..

That's all for now..

Wish us Luck ^_^ ..

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