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First Meeting for Linux Club Volunteers in Handasa

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And after working for long time with no settled meeting..

We had our First meeting last Sunday at 2:30 in our Building's Library.

Six volunteers have attended the meeting:

1.Ghada Zakaria.

2.Mostafa Mabrok.

3.Amr Essam.

4.Ghady Atef.

5.Ghada Abozed.

6.Ashraf Darwesh.

And we had discussed the following points..

1. Structure for next event.

2. Volunteers' Database.

3. Advertising .

4. Formula to spread via emails to introduce Open Source, FOSS and Linux.

5. Teaching Assistants working with us .

6. Linux Campaign starting next Tuesday isA.


1. Structure for next event :

Communication : Ghada Zakaria.

Reporting : Akram, Ghady, and Ashraf.

Photographing : Maisara and Mostafa.

Presenters : Mostafa, Amr and Ghada.

2. Volunteers' Database..

A database with the volunteers' names, mobiles and emails were made that very day.

3.Advertising ..

We have talked about different ways of advertising.. then later gathered all yahoo groups we join and the Facebook groups we admin or can have any way to access the 'message to all members' function. And we had these groups written down to be a dominant way to announce for any of our coming events isA beside our mail and Facebook group (and the yahoo groups we already have sent via them).

Last.. we have talked about having a unique signature for our mails..

which we thought to be..

AlexLUG ...

Email : [email protected]

Facebook group : AlexLUG

“In a world with NOOOO walls...

Who needs Windows??!! ”

with special colors and fonts...

4.Teaching Assistants working with us .

We then listed the teaching assistants who are involved with us in the LUG and those who we plan to talk to them about joining us .

5.Linux Campaign..

Finally we talked generally about the campaign and it's structure over the 10 days, and the tasks we should handle ..

ISA We are having another meeting soon to discuss the following points ..

1.Co-operation with IEEE.

2.Plans for Linux Club in Faculty of Engineering.

3.Organizing the the next Installation Session (for the campaign).

4.Our plans for more sessions inside the collage.

Wish us Luck..

And wait for us with new good “Coming Soon ” news :D ISA..

Ghada Zakaria

AlexLUG ...

Email : [email protected]

Facebook group : AlexLUG

“In a world with NOOOO walls...

Who needs Windows??!!"

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Excellent job!!! you guys

Excellent job!!! you guys are doing very great job By the way, in a world with no walls, who needs windows and GATES??? :D

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Please don't don't mention

Please don't don't mention microsoft or it's products we are not in a war! plus i don't agree with you ghada about this signature.

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can we understand??..

Extend.. may we know ur point of view? in details ..

Ghada Zakaria

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COOOLLL.. I'like this :D... we'll do it isA :D

Ghada Zakaria

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Nice work

You guys always impress me.. Reallllyyy good work.......

Ahmed D. El-Mekkawy

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Always helping and around :)

Ahmed ..thnx.. U always inspire and encourage us :)

Ghada Zakaria

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