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Call for event: Netbeans and Java presentations anyone!

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Geertjan is Technical Writer who works for Netbeans.

I found out he visited El-Menoufiya University from his blog:

He already gave NetBeans presentations there, and would be happy to give more.

He will be in Egypt until Jan 17th

Anyone her would like to arrange for him to give some NetBeans talks in Cairo, say at "Sakiat El Sawy" or any other suitable place.

Ohh, and he is a Groovy and Grails advocate, so maybe we an get him to speak about these technologies too, actually I got to know him from his blogs that got posted on the aggregator site.

Thanks for this announcement!

It is true, I am available anytime. I am staying in Alexandria until the 17th, but I will be in Cairo too sometimes. Anyone want to meet to chat or to see demos, in small or large groups, whatever you like, let me know (here or at geertjan DOT wielenga AT sun DOT com).

Free NetBeans Platform Training

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The first day was really very good , well organized and and the great about all of this is the wonderful instructor Geertjan and finally the NetBeans platform is sooooooo powerful .

And a special thanks to Mohandes Ahmed Hashim.

Human knowledge belongs to the world.

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